Unified Remote for iOS

We’re happy to announce that we will begin the beta phase for Unified Remote for iOS soon. We are currently looking for beta testers to help us prepare the app for public release.┬áVisit our beta sign up page for more details.

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21 thoughts on “Unified Remote for iOS

    • Not with this release. We hope that we in the future will be able to create a server that works on android and iOS to.

  1. Eagerly waiting for this! Might i also add that please don’t have an iOS7 only version. A lot of us are still on iOS6. Please don’t leave us out. :D

    • There are some problems with iOS and what we need to with bluetooh. We hope to find a solution however there is a big chance it will at least not be available in the first release perhaps ever if we can not find a solution.

  2. is there an estimate on when will this beta be released?? I’ve changing to iOS and this app is MUST HAVE for me, it’s really good.

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